Welcome to The Center for Knit and Crochet’s Collections Resource.

The Center for Knit and Crochet embarked on a bold experiment in 2018 to establish a new digital repository to preserve and share knitting and crochet. The focus of this multi-source online collection will be to:

• Help individuals and cultural institutions -- museums, galleries, libraries, archives and other public and private entities -- around the globe share their knitted and crocheted treasures more effectively with each other, and with the public.

• Illuminate “hidden objects” or “hidden collections” that are not currently available elsewhere online, or that are difficult to locate and compare.

The CKC's Nomenclature for Knitting and Crochet is currently under development.  When it is ready for release, it will be freely available from our website to serve as an aid and standard for cataloguing the items in this resource and beyond. Read more about the nomenclature.


Museum and Library Collections

Anyone can now browse more than 8000 knit- and crochet-related treasures in the CKC Digital Collections Museum and Library Collections (drawn from Digital Public Library of America). CKC is seeking additional partner organizations who want to share their collections of knitting and crochet with visitors to this resource. Contact collections@centerforknitandcrochet.org if you are from an organization with collections to share.

Crowdsourced Collection

CKC invites individuals to share your own personal knit and crochet treasures in our new Crowdsourced Collection. Please consider adding your treasures today to preserve them and share them with future generations. 

I want to share my knitted or crocheted treasure with CKC now!

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