Between 1914 and the late 1960s, the Champion Paper and Fibre Company published an internal newsletter, called The Log, to share news about the Canton mill, the community, and its employees. After 1940, news from the entire “Champion Family,” which included mills in Hamilton, Ohio; Houston, Texas and Sandersville, Georgia, was featured in each issue.
HO TO OWN A PART OF CHAMPION ... . pages 1-5 * * * • DECEM'BER. 1 956 VOL. XX XIX. NO. 1 2. General Office ......•...•.. . .... . .••..... . ..... HAMil TON, Ql-\10 Mills ot ...• . ... , •• , . , , . ••.. , ...•. .. . , .. .. ... , HAMILTON, OHIO CANTON, NORTH CAROLINA PASADENA, T.E.XAS SANDERSVILLE , GH>RGiA l!dilor •...... .. ......•... . . .. . . .. . ... . .• . . .. . STEWART J.ONES OiYi sion l':clitors ... . .. . ..••. . .. . • .. . Ohio . . . . . STANTON NEWKIRK Carolina .. . . . JAMES DEAT0N Tex.as . . .. .. .. . ROBERT HART Editor-icti A.ssislah.t . .... . . . . .. .• . . . • .. . . . . . ... MAUREEN I- OJ' mayb • put ~ the •ll in the ·onp - h.' annou 11cing publidy whar .t.h . it ·wiv. s \r;.uH fur C hris lll)iit'>: ·'Merry Chri-stn J ar p1· .tty " 'el l u<.·c ~tpi (;d, rJJan y a J o n ~ t ~:lght is <>pt:nt g ning the huusc li g-hL<.:d and 1.1 illtll tCd f,,,. th }Jk;l!-Ul't• of pa' ep ... h y. ("Chr i-;t i1J :.t'i [) · (Jrawt < ' pag ., l ~ - 1 : 1. OUR COVER Cn~ ~ . . li'd . rattot ts l) i~i, _ii •ll . l> l u~. h o r QUr p;q> r i<; mudc w rn eer · r~ t.il~t•/.i <.! ·lin IT d 'IH' . For ru h dt•li,nv . Hit ·r order · n: fill ed f rom lhc 1 hoii'IOI IH:I. •f ton IV · J..c ·p 011 ill• nl o t . ChampioiJ P·'(JCI' 11i ll l11:lp to mak · ~hi . o btighf et Glni IIIJ ~t ::. w rc:1d vour LOC l I IN ·.~:: - M E~ T ~\S. 0 lATE~ at Ohio r-ece t>~.IJ celebr~ ted their ' t. hth •ea1. Th . otgard~a lion . inaw•ur:1te.d "iu 19-HJ b 11 em· 1 I e . ·now ineu t 170 Cham piQJl ltlC'JJ a.ncl W(Jtne.J1l fmn1. ll pa rls of tht! rn ilL · a ted hom le ft co ri·.e .-. ht a.rc : Clatk Ha.' nc r. Harold W~g:lll , .Norr,n Ooornb. t.. ml i·ll !f ~\ 1:r. Th ~~~-~~. Tom. . J;1 - cob t, _IJa f..JCb.el, ullJ Wngl1t, Cha de: Sw hb$, Jjn, B f!1 r, Witl Holm!' <:~ nd' B·oh 'R(.lenig. A L E a. an yoi:~e can remember, Ohio's l n ·e u 1ent As ociate wa born on a brain 1 ound f:Or tl.ant.a, Ga~ Non11an CoOtnb~ and Harold ·wright, fi>i Hing si d l· ' sid , talke :d Jll,.r with Ro n ak ·, Juim 'udin. Au.dy nu · :-.(J ~_, <:L~u u • - ~ • More Ed - Ellison , Cliff Rekers, BoL Sleph nson, Haro-ld v\frjght, Earl Morgan and myself. , "'\1\Te knew that by the ery nature of the gr up, 'we could not be 'sponsored' by th company - no did ' e ' v;ant to be. A11d we bave not or do not attempt to out-guess marke( prices. We were, and -"tiU are, jut Cham­. p ion -employees who pool our money in small amounts w buy Champion stock over a period of years a an 1' 1.1.ves tmen t. "I will say," Norm. conrinued, "that the group and the investment have gro n during the pa ' t 10 .rears right along with Champion." To ay that the group and it investments "have grown" is an understatement. \!\lith the Lir,·t cledttc i n ($ 10 a pay {o:r most members) ·tarring with the pa_ period !';:nded , pril 30, 194.-6, the g-roup made its fir L · stock purcha e on Augu t 12 1946. "We bought 15 bare," Norm r lat indo.ding- brok r ' tee'. On Novemb r that ame tock· wa· ·worth ·4,680." tl, '·Eor ' 1 of this ' ar 1 In 10 , cars m en'1b rs h.ip ha · Tuwn t< o. t< ab a t 170 Champion m ·n < 11d women [r()tn all P• ns c f th rr ill aDd offi ce ~ Th Te are 1na ·1: ini .;;t., ·ng.ineer , crrters, . - s& n' · ri c.~, ma. .. hine t n 1 · r ·, SLlJ n isor · and .inspec,.urS., u) atnc .a tew, \ l:IG> n"'\>\')l she ,re · in th e-ir Oltlf any. In .I 0 years-, as melnbe rs of ln v<~. tu1 nt A~S• J iat s. 1!Jey ha v<· ~ ~trch:a s d, collc cri ~ 1 ', m :..~re th:xn 1 :~. 000 . ha <·~. L"l' llh ttr ·:; WCH~ v:du d :ll Utor · lh:m .'8:}0 000. h(lm a ua in 1 id to , \LJ Cll ::-!i tJU :III \ tVi lbw .Kdk1· pi cked H.p lti ~ g;n f'~, 'kwl j ) i'm ;md trw L11 J cut i\ · soci~tt · · h, 4.; un · a ton • wav. ' ()NTINVfQ QN NE"XT PAGE l API'L\'1.' · ]\ R \£ '\tlU R, lUI~ iu ln\ ··im 11 \~" ·l,•t ~ . l •h R ;nlt~C\ (til ('I.Ut an ,lpj•I!Cuttnn .f.nrn. llilt LnJ,,r, th. J!l'111 'Hl 'I tht' m nl . llip cOt:11ll1~tl&. t'HHf ulh p-1 mrd Jh,H ih 1>1 '.IIllitltinn i~ an jndei mdent t>Ht Uh'. l.t j, u>•l'-'.Y h'•" 11 d th ;,~ tJlil> n\ nt.l t hin!' is ~ ut 1 h ,dJOitf lt ·, l-\o)l ~ \' •H 11 Ins \ to ownmg - t oli · .;h mpion, 'l 0:h lC 1·'.\ \'ROLL DEHL ~TlO N , Bob I a •tt. :;:m -il e.~ Ill Nom! ~00 11 bs. lr :;sur r-tnr t e o[ ln •·cl'lin "'rH ;\~. o ·i:lf ('. . Frcjm . 10 w , 10 It pa ,. wlll b • pon·l d , l o t~g. wi th ( UI.t( ls set a.'ld ·' b ' other meni:l er r bu-y a pa.J.t u£ Ch.ampJOn. A cn; us lbere arc a couple of ·way~ to 0~'11 a part of Champion. Au individual ·who wants to own a part of Cham­! ion an talk to hi broker and arrange to purchase . tfi. k ar the pTe ailing mark et pri ce. Or jf he's been a Ch.,mpion for two years and is 2L he can join Inve t-m "nt ociates. U ually an individual who's il'llere ted in owning stock will talk to omcone who's a member of lnves.t- . ment As iates to find ou t for h.imsel£ the advantages of ·helonging to an invc t mt:."11 t group. Ot ~ he ha: · mad up his mind to join, he'll cornact one of th me.tJtb ·rs of tb mern_b rship committ e - BilJ Ta ·lor, J hn Zimmerman, Earl J ones, Earl Prin e or Fritzi ~..:hneider, .r possi blf one of th offi rs o f t1'l.e grmap. \Vilbu·r K ller is rvin a h airn~an this year , J:Wl \t\frio·ht, ·-cretary, aud Norman ~o om!Js, tr asu.rer-are that a prospec tive memh t will 'h rnade fat:niliar wi.th th ri-,k in:volv d in ·q oity stock Qwn ·rship by one of these peconl>. Jthou ,·h lnve rm nl A e;o(.iate\ m mb ~r,~ ar h •!peel uy pa_ roll cL du t.i n , it is a l.way. , Lrcssed tltar the or14aniza-d o1t .is a.n inJ p •nd ' 11t ·cnturc onductcd and manu·cl euf i1 .·1y lxy mew l>crs, They tell · n .w mcmb ·r Lon, rllat th g1·<1wth of [tl\· !;tmeut , · ~o iat ·<; has been w.ltlwtt t .ollatatio :L ' ' ...__ I '"'- t .. HI'.ING WE LCOt\4 ED by ll1 J r ~i rl nt of f nve!ltm ·nt s~~~date, Bolo . bakes haud ' it.h Wil bur K.ell ·r. ln 19." Wi lbur was S<'cr eL'I:ty, and Lhi.s year he was elected t hairman. H<1 lJ Raro ey·s dad, john, ha. 'been an J.nvcstmcnt A "oda te Jor a bou t ight year . ' After a11. individual ha applied for member hip he is ad'\'~ised whether or not he has been accepted. H l e has, be obtains from Norm Coombs a payroll deduct:i.on card. Then, 011ce he's a member and h i · payroll deduction of $10 to $40 a pay have start d1 the indi 'd ual i on his way to owning a pa:r:t of. Champion.. His 1none is pooled along with fund. et aside b othe1 member . W'hen · the pooled funds r each a p:r -.-deterrnined amount, a block of Cha.111pio]1 tock is p urchased by an · -investment committee made .. up of Wilbur eUer, Bill ·wright, Norm Coomb , Glen Augspurger, Tom J cobi, v in Holmes, Charles Baldwin, Da e Eich el, and Ct a.rle Stubbs. From that p urcha e,_ and mad. , tock i allocated t s ociat in propo:rtion to th h as -- in tb.t p0ol at the . time . wh ·n a member ha IO b::tr s . ach time a ·t:t'l mba - of u ha i Investm lit amount rhat the m mber of 1h pur ln . h ll, to h L credi t, the . tc -]< is ' i.thdtawn fr Hrt Inv stfn ·nt As iat es and i ~s lv l in the mcmb •r 's narne. By purcha. ing toc k. p ~ dod j aUy o er month and y ~a rs . th · m mh r g·ain d t dvanta;;;, of a -rag·ing the o. L i\ml as HQb 1.. .. ~u11 c , th · n ' ntc rnb r pit U1Td 0 1 th pages wi ll v r ify, theec' · nothing ljk · vning p r t f th orn p·my wh r ·' Lt ·w k. COl\lfiNU I) ON N;EX't PAGE With some 7 3~ million persons owning U. S. corporations,· the stock exchange is r "'WO ' fE HWR HROk.I·.R'i U>Olpkl rmr. •d tn1d ing po~ t~ vn tii1· N 1· '\o1!.. '>~• d.. L:-.· h btl ilill ;{ fl0b·r t th II ) urk- SltJc J,. •xdHll lgt' is the nati ut's tMll ke t J>l ctie. Jlc1 · mcml.cr ln0k .r. buv a t h;u·c PI' . \11') . rinw btt. incss. a~ t.hi.~ disp ta · at t.hc New \'o r!' SLI)ck Exrlla tfAf' i.nrl i,·at :;. f'nda .mne 7V2 n ul.IH)n Amehlan. own . h<~ t e~ in publi com1 ~ nic~ .. tl end R~·c~ptiotJ!s t C~( h ~ rio WhJIL · J IHH ~'. ldt, and Onrnb]1 1-li gg·iu ~ sp II o~t t lhe mean1.11 ~ O( captt.ah. m (or· uncr l ,~ilO vi itor v 1 day. which pen lit people erywhere to buy and sen owner• hip · in the gTeat corporations which have played , a \1taJ rol in the. :.rowth and de el.opm· nt of At'i'ler: ica, It's A Two-Way Auction VJ1l.ike the conve-n Lio rtal au ction- where only buyers compete a.nd tb.ere i b ut one eLlcr- t:h i · is a two.::way auct ion market. Buyers compete "ith one another to purc.ha e at the low. t possible price the shares they want 10 own. Sinn~ ltaneo u ly, sellers compete with each Oth~r W geL the higbe·t pric for shares tbcy "vant to seTl. A tran·aLtion is compkted when the buyer bidding d1 hi hest price, a1'td t:he selltx wiJJiug to tak.e- the lowe~t pTj e~ ag. e on a f ignre. ·. Practi a l1 ever it , and rur>st of the town · in the • Unite i State are linked te tb.e .E change, eith.er thnilugh a member firm office or a lo aJ bank. ·orne 500,000 mile of telegraph and tel 'l hone wires conl'lect the trading floor with nearly 2 noo memb n,' oHice., an l t.;h · latt ·r, in turn, are ron nected with near! 3,000 l lOJl.­memb r corrc pou(lcms. M mb r finn b.a:v- uW b in omc. 160 citie1l in 47 staie.), t11 Di ·tdd of C(J iuJllbi ~l, llaw;aii, PtH.:J'Ln Ri T>, Canada, c:.nba. fng larld, -r [ r,Uand, Swiurrhtnd an ~l \ft·n ·zuda. In yea pa l m,an p ''>Ofl~> ·\,Tere und r the iropl' %iQH /' i that bu ying stock cost a lot o[ tnoney. Here . f Jate, h owever, ways h ave been cl velop cd to permit people: of modes t means lo acqthre Oi-VlJership in America's g-reat . corporations. T J1e Monthly In e tment Plan, 1nvestment club. ( like - Champion 's Investment Associates), and mutm1.l fuml make the buying o£ stock a easy a. bt1 ying the family • g1·ocenes. The Exchange reports il big jump in the nmn l er of shareowners in recent year . On the ba i of a recent stud . the Exchange estimated that 7,SnO,OOO ptop1e now own l1otrcs of pt.tb licly-h eld corpo a tions. The aventge invesLor has an it::,iCODle of l ~_, than •1 7500 a ear, is about 4 ears old, a t1d lives in a it of 25,000 peopl . The tudy a1 o indi at 'l that n arly as numy women a m·n o\lvn stock. T he Ne'w York to k · 'Chang doe ·n 't buy lock , and do .,'n't fi, th(nlgiJ , pr vide th ma.rk t plac d o ll ar ~ of ·t Kkl and b n l rh a 1w~:: do n't U . tock , tock. prl ·. It do · 1\'l re 01i1ll n, £ 1 and dail ·. The Si o k Ex ·h a~ · i an Slli - ntia l link in the h<~ in ol 1.1t0 nati<1. t ;tt J a ·c o•. 11. ,J ere- ' .\ l}(h \ n dt'r'l ll, dis'('( tot l' )f in•1n i:lt r d<) ll\Hl;;, ~1 Hl"'H \ ConJ1 cil for 19~,1) to( k plar Jw·ing October. t Ohio, Ca:rolina and T ·xa e. t~n~itm Hl(' ting-' wt:r · l1eld {or supervisor who di J not ttend t}Je con i •renee:. a t Lake r.r. an this summer. Each year about halt o£ ham pion ' ~ management group ttav ·I to­. Lake Logan £or the three-day eli cussion mcctir1g . T he reotainin _r aiJ participates in "Chapaco Exten ion" at hom . Enjoying dinner al 11mg with their mcetin s, the tay·at-homc '>llper­vi ors heard summaries of .the talk giH n at rhe oun il thi . ummcr, capped by Vice-Pre ident n"~igbr Thorn on' ~ on luding rernark) on "Champion for Champions." Shown on thi paO"e re picl11re f Jme of the ext~nsion session · jn progre s. OHIO DIVISIO, ' FOR ELADl ES, Illa EllingsM, Lonls · Miller anti L ttieo .- !hmi " ta'lk slaop" while ~ aiting for th eir x teo ion ntee t ing to b rrin, S lJ HJ I (. -( F 'l I I k l'l!')J; 11 '\ P \ < 0 ( o I ' rl £. ~ ,, ·, "H uw t ,, H lp !1,0(}0 Uwmpth ;ll l' 1\l n ; e , luj<'1y l\f111 ~' " In the pi t!JW ~ ),,,,, , JJ li'l~;hJ }. 1 bvw rm, Vier l' tc- idc' llf llld ll'>lli tl ; ttrl ]'UIJ!i r. H vi ;J\. il>lo ~, · d IJ'l' ~ c· , Uhtll ll iH~ i~ l ).. Ul l ' . 111 •''' · \tll'l h : of 'kTl'n plo1t·. o p :· r at i n1 a n I Profit Slt :nr11g. H t Lead r T o t11 Lat im e r , Ohio Divl.:ioll , tel'er · a t [UU.I i. n abo1 tt n~ li r em e nt h · n e fit s w ;\ i s t:t JJ t H n. i R:llliJ , a t .right. By ]ohn Schmitt • A "PAR'l' RR '' some 9,000 Champions put their heads toge ther to tal k o er their common goalS and ptobleru. in a eri of mo re than 300 busine s meetings dtning the month of 0 tob er. Di$Gu ssions c.,overed every­thing from rhe detail 0f running ~, papcF mill to the beneGt · paid to a s~ k employee Hundreds of questions, comm.er:it and suggestions a m om o( th '-" meetings. And they how d ·that Ch,Jtnpjon.· have a deep interest 'in t.hejr company, their job and th ir ecurity. T ogetl ·r, emplQ ees probed the wa) lO make Cluunpio n a beller place for l'lU to work. " It' the IittJ things that add up to higher cost and lower prof.i ~," saiometi:nJ.c happen I eca use \ e:; don 't h;tv enougiJ oonJ to 'ii\1 tJt'·k . .' ''\Vt JJ. tl en, that' sorn ·thiu • that r.uana:-g m nt Ol1gJ.n. to umv. Mavb , s(nne tilin - n. b lone ahout l t," >;aid I the d.isntssion leader. "Let' write i t down a~ on of u . comments. .' And so it went wjrh a contimwu . give-and-ta,ke of · questions and ans' ers, ideas and comm nr . th a t made Champion's communica.tion a heavil traveled twO· '\-ira " street. · Literally thousands of ma n-hom vveTe devote to the e meetings throughout th company. T he r pre ern a onsi terabJe iflvestment of time and effort on the part of Chanlpion . Wa thi, great e,. perim nt worth the co ·t? Only the ftrtt,JX CUh tell. nut b J their en thu ·ia ill ' and s in:eerit~, r, Lh - di ' usi·on 1 ad I'~ awl a.. ~is t a ll ts-rep1 ·e ernatives o£ manag n'l. nt - e::en.1. to ha e saJ d: " By the ' mee tin gs Ckunpion r ogn .i.zes ·a ·b of yo u as a real part11 r ·JJ pnper alld pr fi t. As Sll ch, we :ltt: placiJlg' olll· tt u t i 1t Y:ou :.ll;);d a:.s kjn:g yon tO U't tSt u;y in return ...... o tlntt we can work. t( g; ther ;;ts a tea ttt .. · (( tb ~;e mectin .)', h a vt· improved \J.P · •a .. in ' hich C ba.rnpit;) tL~ i. ork to~:,e th r, uJ tll h· a t. t,itn re.s Ltrwar l r:hcir j0l>s lh u StJreJ, (h b;w e b en inva lnahl . CONHIIIUU> ON NEXt PAG! 7 - I{ l \ I n 0 I I '\ R S 1n• u~t! to shm "har hilppt·r ''' lilt' ll1'11l'l ''c talv rn. fff>H: Ohio J)i\ ulioll llr..c u .. -ion f t;"1 't • ltcd" Lnnun p<.HJJ!~ I}! If th j'J' ''" Ll \ \H.It4' ll.lh , ~ 1~!)1 II 'I 1111 '>l'l \ l!i' .. (it I [.') I J () '\ •t tHI 1 inre gnfll l'~ ~Hr' l i rn1ted w 2~, pe1 on fll'J ' folks gQt lJ d1a t~ u.' tv .. ha\< their :1y'' . l leh, Rr1• LP': ( .ody flf fhr> ( ,JI m m e n t " for WLal : ti ll I p ' I !H.\11('11( epn.rate brok l K fr•om otb r depanr 1ent W'.tst •. Tb• !)roke box. · con­\, i·n i ng the wra pp.crs sho lld IJ w igth d · ·parat 1) a 1cl tt\ eon r m s das,ifithl a~ wt.as Di'i~inn rrai11t' C. 1'. \;tlcs think~ a kec'll •ig like thi' 1,ould mak . a n,01w a tllct> i(l' " '\0\\' BOY n. if Darlll · n k Ott hat i\h>tU tnie ,,·t~uld liJ: , for Chri: all J ·w• lor uut lJo nJt il}' In ' -!rlf"ll~lwc tltc•m a t Chi i"'' i•lil tlnH . ])ol!J l hy J'i V< nl.l. l' inislting- R £JC)tll . lJI'H'l ' IHJnl>~' t l i li rt l, doggl lO ~ uti l\ ·~ 111t.: ill Ci;~khvl"''l 10 . , , Now • IS the to face up time for all good to their duties as •• • • • men -- • • • .. • • • • • • • • • • • WHO C .RES aeott t a :ofit :1 11 <1 hair rhen there's , beautiful bride loll a round? Glemta, left, and tephanie, rio·!lt, th young da ugh te rs of Mrs. Glenn B rittain, look longin ly at rbc doliie wl1il' Mommie per. i L in "grown up" ta lk. l I < • ABSOLl TT::LY tO T hfil 's ToJum}' M:cClin · LOck .a:nd it is 0b imrs he bas decided this i ~ no place for' him: to do h.i shoppin . M.RS. Jr 1MIE;. HALE and her son , Mik and Do le, fi.nd their purchases aU gift '' -apped and ready to take honte, his modern way of shopping j· t. can't be heat! • ' SHOPPING FOR MEN is really a chore unless you settle for so~s or a necktie, but Marinell Coon ha:s solved the problem by sel ctmg a travelit1g kit, whi J1 she hope wiLl E 1 :1s a friend . . . . ITH CHRl STJ\i'lAS approaching, rnillions o( Americans are crowding the -· tares, looki,ng for tho, e "ju t r ight" g.ifts focr fri nd and loved ne . Human o; being what they are, gift shopping presen ts co untle, s problems for the Christma, shopper. Champion families have joined the rush to eatclt 1o al store for gift that range from I 0-cen t toy. to ex.pe.n.sive TV sets. Some of these folk . ar loo k'ing for a unique present for their young tcrs -others _want ·to pick. out a gift that th..1 entire family will enjoy. (Of c:oune Santa Clau alway t'emembers the er young.) Vve follo.wed a { w of our Texas Champi.onfolk to see what they found. The results are pictured Ml th se pages. Of course, it is neces ary to omit some of the shop· ping sprees, such as the lwsband wbo decides an e_ cellent family gift might be a new electric razor, or the ' ife '"'ho has similar ide as about an au tornati wa her. \'\r have lin1ited out gift . boppers to the more pra t:i al approach, such as th hubb who thinks b i wife rnight enjoy an O'utl oard motor anGl boat. Seriou iy, Chrismias shoppiny presents many prob­lem for the s b opp~r and the m ··t hanl. 'he former i . o.ncerned with pleas ing the r dpient of · the gift; b1..1t tl:re latter mu t c;atj fv both the giv r ·tnd th r .cci ver. ' ' Holida s o er, mer ' han-ts are alw~1y b ~i getl b , x... hange orders - tho beau tiful ne 'hi - th.at siu11ly d on ' t go with anythi·ng- or thtt lady who really do ' n' t n d a third toast 1' . . It i int~re .c d panic~. g iver, rece.,i\· r an.d bu ·i.ness'l na,n that lf>Ur sto is d dicatc l - -and h re' hoping th: y all e.n jo a l en Christmas! 11 • A DE ORATED FIREPLACE helped to give the home of Margaret o~bon1e a festhe appearance. Margaret used lights, tin el and miniatur Chri tmas tr c to d corate her fireplace. In the mirror, I el gaih rrimmed , hristma~ !Tee on the other s.ide of tbe room ran be seen. ' Trees sprout in our living rooms and reindeer appear on the roof when the yuletide season nears Ll HT ~n DO RWAY and win.dow~, :.omplett· with pim• t wigs. gave the home uf C<~lh err 'yle ~ a ( Ju i&tlllHs lu<1k . lighted dis-play of S:mtn Cl<~u-. and l1i' r- · i n,kcl ~ w:• pl:ICt·rl on Ut<' gahk of the l'tltcl t. Gilb rL li vt>.) ;H 109 . '•nth Nlill SH<"d u1 '>1 '\t'll 1\ lilt-. 12 BRIGHT LJ.GHT$ REFLECTL G ON T1-JE .PO:-.:D rna le a picture~q ut> Christmas .. en a t tl1e horne of Faye Taylor Hanl ·- The Hardys used ligb t~ hoth in 1lw wi ndo,v: and r1n the hmb vut~ide their horne. SANT. CLAU and hjs reindeer ' were pointed tmvard the home of BiJl orn ptOn . The ~om~ too .. used Chrhtm::ts c rd.'> w decorat r\le![ from door, and lights we1e l>t:rung nro uud lh eave.: o[ Lhe house. Thl-Ot~gh the window, t.h . fatUi) Gbxistma tr ··e can be seen. " l ' ' , t TIVl 'Y will be portray d again this year by yotmg people of Lhe l'' ir. t Chur h of God in Hamil ton. In this scene an.• Bob Siebert. J udy Dr.;l3olt. Dorothy Fow~H, J ;u.nes Powell and. Beverly .LandTutn. ham pion Charles Paulm fiHmsheci the background. ... THE 13ECINNING o{ December may mean fewer ·hopping days until Christmas, but the Christma · spirit increases daily: Everywhere people are planning and prepanng for the holida s. With the approach of Christmas comes a hain of events ·which begins early in December. Stores display gi fts, advertisements count the shopping days, kid. beg to see Santa Claus. parties are planned, Christmas song. are revised. · and decorations are prepared. Champion · at the Ohio Division are no exception. AU during the month they plan and prepare for Christmas. For decontions many of them go all out to spre.ad the spirit of brotherly lo\'e and "good will toward men." In the h omes of Champions all around the city of Hamilton, .holly wreaths and mistletoe are hung and Christma trees are tTimmed . . fany Champion , how ver, go n. step farther - they de ign and prepare specjaJ outdoor decorations for th ir lawn and porches. These [)icture , taken just prior to Christmas last ear, will g·i ve us a pr vie \IV of the ho liclay d cora ti n: tor Christma , 1956. 1.'1-IE .BRJGHT ClTY LIGHTS th.a t dewtate (lowntown H ' fll ilton refl. L vi i dly off the '·aL r of the Gr a.t li mi Ri er. Th big building ·wiLh a.ll the C.hristma ligh[S is th HamiJ.wn Ci.t ' J31,1llding. Holly , ml vari -colored ligh ts ate sm.wg alot• g: High 5t.. rtl(.:l. At t ·ight.., ;;t hug-: sur can be ~ en on tb Keni s ·h ler B.u i.\J.in;;. ~ his l .ictm w:(~ taken la~t Christmas b Ohio Di<'i~jon Phorograt her nlo•ttlie Gal~! wdl. 15 I .. l f ~1FETI .T G a <'"lJl'UflJ.n · plane, ~lac Borden <'rcet, 'Bun \\'in· ' ted alt r o( Cn~t01n r Sc1·vice. \fac i' one of the 1'lant Pro· tcn ion men who drive the mill cu. Th divi"ion mr ;H'I"l';l"t'. },000 trips and 30,000 mile• a "e-ar. fhe, e trips in­clude t::d..in~- ill emp1oyees home. transporting heayy equiprnent, meeting company offi ial . and medica 1 trip . REGI TERING A TRUCK. harlie impson dire ts the driYer to the truck lot. \:Vhen a loading dock i vacant the d.ri\er will be gi\'el1 hi turn w load. More than 30,000 trucks were registered ·into the lot during the past year. HELPING A DRIVER back his truck into a twck pit, Otti Witt directs traffic on North " B " Srreet There are fo ul' truck pits at the No. 2 Mill and six at the Coating Mill, and the hHge vehicles come and go aU day. D TR ECTL TG TRAPFJC, Shirley L arrison help em- 1 lo) e s lO eros'> the street af.ely. Day aud nigb t the Plarll l.'Jo.tcction F(Jr<' is on l.he job diH:niJig auto, trllt.k elllll p d strian ~ra(fic. "" ~lDLN 0 "LIB ~ HI OFl'l E., i the Ohio Ohbion·: Ho ' H Jlis tcr. ·· appv'' i aptain of tlte C h:lnipit>n Plant Pm!ck. a puff o( hi cigar. At his ide he arried a big ring of key • On his hip, a evol r h un loo el . ln hi . hands he clutched :::t n uml r of papers. He wa dre · tel in a unj form proper for hi p ition - that of a police officer. T l1is· was Cap tain Ro. 1--Iollistc , bcuer known around th Ol1io Division a just plain " ,appy." "Capp " ha<; an impnrtanL posi tj on a t Champion as apta.in £ the Plant Prot ction For e. vV iLh a crew wDrb ng a lJ tl1 e . hi [t:>, l oy i. in charge of pol ice d u tics at the Ohio Divi ion. Plant Prot ctio11 is one that never ceases to operate. on the job ever · day of th 1 ro id p orection, maimajn well being of all emplo es. d partm "l1l o£ Champion Plant Prol'e Li lJn mu t h · year, N hours a day, to safety, a.ud p ornate th ' Vvatchmen pro ide protection for both company and employee property ·while .it i l> on the plant pr .mises. Guard patrol Champion par k.jng Jots t maintain th ' proper protec tion for employees' cars; and th.i includes the reporting of Oat tire , of lights left on, or other mishaps that might damage vehicles . . Members of the fo rce are on duty clay a ncl night to cJjrect auto and pedestrian traffic around the mill. "Cappy" and his force rnust always be ready to main­tain order in ca e o[ emergende , ·uch as a Eire r power failure. ln add ition, part oJ: Chan pi n ' Plant Protec tion l'orce ar · on ca ll at all times b the Hamilton Police Department in the ase of a city emergen ·y. Besjde th se maj or pc lice duti s, Plant Protection scb edul.es the cli vi 'ion car. It pro-vid ' a lo.' t and found servjce for em plo ees. 1t provid es faciliti e · and p ersonal ervices (or vi ·iLors. It promot.es good condu t and sa( t , b -- obs ·njng aml reporting v.iol~aions o ( rule and r gula tions. And it oordiua te th procurement n 1 pi k-up of lonat d pap r. , Thi a ll adds up to bu. y hedul f "Capp '' at d his fore . But th arc a h"''a y on th j b afet 1 acler , tra££i tor, and goo i will ambass odOr', guarding, watchino', and p rforming th ir duti for all Champi n . CONTINUED ON NeXT PAGE 15 RI ' , li G a tire wntrnl ho"i. . 1dbarn "f<'l v ot i)!­nal" ihal all j '' 11 in tht. p.ut f rb~ pilot. Th (ire r• uu 1 l., 'I. C .• 1 cawd 1 In nu.gh tH tb.e mlll. nw ;:t ~ ht· m ng f"'-'f'f\ h til • OBT I . NG I' PElt , C ,, d i1 edom taH, t t 'h tn ubbar L · m plll\ •113." :••c.pn• ;mall qu n itlcs of p· p r lo1 per nal u •. ·1,, th ' right o tJ,,. pi ltn~ aptain RO\ H ll iii\Cf ta i.'' an . Il t~Hning telephone c:tll. ; j W A 1 HI 'G (...1 an:nce Wild 1 and Jim 1'atsley cut the water off, John -lack t p>cpar - ~ pa rol lh - area. T h-lp av c1d fires.. a uniform ::d g1Hnd patwh a y aJ .a wh r . t · m· is no w~1 r. J (-) CONTINUED REPORT! G A FLAT lR£ , 'lount SLewarl writ down the license numl)er of an employees' e11r. TI1e owner can then he trac d throu h Pla nt Protection file . ' >Vatchmen paLrol parking lo ts day a.nd niJI•t. • • • At . these .,· l")" ld~ r·· t mer " p.icnics in T e.xas1 a real o4d-style carnival provides ,. 0 'GRI\f' 'L JlO •. , HILR\.Y! " L·wi ' la1. · fbr;m:.oll congnt ttlaLF> HiJHt · Maun y ~11Hh"l _or t he door prhe, a port ­, lJI T ~ ·c. Jn rh h r, in troch.:t ing the p aker. The 1.1)-ancl-o -er "Old T inl.! r ' gr up h a:rd a talk b) ' ic ·-Prudden;t .Lewi Clark Thomso1 , Vlce-Pr s1 1"nt r-Teur R.l.gby, ddr'.$ d th 5- a.(1d 10~ ear grou . With a fju a l, ", t p .right up, folk ..' ·holl'lg t.hrou 0 h th park, it was ·vjd •nr tha t T~.·;, _.hampi n had en­jo eel them~;elvus , i\nd a n -v pptml h to Lh unpa.t picni I arl been pmv ·d ll t;: ·~ss hd. CONTINOED O'N Ntxl PA.c;E 17 • CONTINUED '' COl\'GR . 'I I '1 J , ~r - win!" Vi c - 1<'1' sid l .fLu Righ and M art h a vibos amgratulat Erwin \ oyl k, winn r of til TV .; t irl 1lP 5 an(,) l O·y ·ar group. 18 '' 'Ol\1£ )~ fOLK ·, Jet 's ar:·· .r ·:,a.· Divi ioH Cl'tampi1m, dt!,\ mto their hi0..C!1 dimr• J fnl : owing •lll a;(l 'rnoon of a ti\1[\ nu (h~<: [llirlwav. ' \ fADAM . H.~ .MNO, I':TrA. Virgln.ia Blakemoie, examines . L the tif 1 in e of Con<:tructi.on 'f Milh right Jack. ffiU's palm. LL lO:T ~11 d r a 1 y to 1 I a}', W;:r I t~o:r "Ou b ., .l. , kft, and Nancv 1' n lu e, rig'lt, aw, it the first "Ol [ TiHt "r." Th . proce ds fr m Dub' Penny Pltch will !) dona ted to tbc Salvation ;\ nn . BEFOl E. THF. SHOW. the fndu strinl R r l a ti u n~ ~ta lf po ~et l. ( /1eluw) l t)r t ltis pi<:wre. I' necli11g: .-\ . .\L !(our) . Front row: .Bell ) nde r-son . Je;~n n c Abf'l · n:Jth, , Il ene Clarke. Mart i :t (:ibb. ~ 111d :'\;tJtC\ .Pn uue. B ~t ck row: H :-ll old Dl:l\·e, Jern Coutelius, en Clart!Y, l3t'b llat kci·, \\' th imanoina· tion of young and oltl ~~s he ··conned" the Iowcl [or a tr at the dart bo;txd. Bill's co~lum was the · am a ' ·v ryo11e e lse with the exc pti n of the mink tie! Both picnics wer held at the Texas Div.ision Recreation Park. 19 • BH l llJ>H·l. hio Di isj, n •l£ 1. ), t ng'ta1ul:ltt•tl i)V Ra' \t Ucu. ri~ht and ' o•l . JnlHds. c~•\ler, [(>t I iog th · fu.Limk. ll1.tll h) \Hll th~' Ra' ,· teffen Tt .n·cll ng- Tro1 bL 1 h plilf. dunatcd I<~ :-.umulare iln n·-t 111 \!"{>ll' at lumpi011. hc~nme. pcrmaltt'lll h c 1\'ll~c'd h' rlw tthll\ idua I wli~) ins it £hrc~ tim ·. Pictorially bringing you highlights 1n the Champion story • • • its people, its friends, and its good neighbors :w N 18,000 \H ED l· C. 'D PLEDGE i _ presented tv } · Dicker n, rit:>h , co- hainuan of the 1937 nited fuud c.•m paign by " hort}" \c\'bitak .T. .\lr. Dicl...ersI Hackle ' R ·s ';n·rh. :lim< for Lh La.rgct .ls ' '' "atdte: through tb SC'O fP. David c,tptured the pi,;tol champion. hip in the Ohjl) Division 's Rifl and Pistol Cloh chJmpit1Hship match<·$. Dav scored 99 , 50-varcl slow tit e. 91. tiro<'U fit : anJ. 92, ra plll fir . Tom de] 'purger finisher! ·eton•l nnll l f'll came in tll .ird in th p.istol e ent. B lJC:\.1 PIN WERE ISSUED w 3!l ubs of Cub Pack 91, pou· ;rt paper dtning t 1eir wur of Lb Ohio Drvision. Tltc fire chief pictur tl b 1·c arc some oE tile more tltall 150 f'rnm all ov ·r Ohio who at.tc:nded a con£ ren e at Hamillon on Octohe1 I, 'i and 6. rheir trip thro ugh th · mill was one of th activities " ht~d11led for the firemen during th ·ir stay jn Hamilto n. SLATER Y T J-:. JVL, JNC ... celeiJtaled its !hird yca1 in rhe Ohio Dhr.ision Cafeteria on ovember 2, with a sprcial menn and a piece of birthday cake for all its patrons. Here Cafeteria Managet Bob Chaffer, t left, receives congratulations from .Frank Thompson , Industrial and Community Relations. 21 I ' .. - Wind.ing Up the Year's Problems By Otto Re1;d Another World Series ha. come and gon e - and with same w nt som of my dough. Needles to a ', Moo ·· Blume took fu ll adva rnavc ol rny ado! ·c nee. Se 11 that Smokey Alwm· charg-es w n:u't c:hc.u g; d - L' asrwi . e fo th- 1· ·t thre game-;_ .l\·ty f, voritc l>'·a ll-pla r, Duk Sniu r wa"' having b.i1. d ... rk ag·c wo, ancl I. Wa!, aging w.ith hirn. His b. R obert­~ on, ri~ IL A] R E T f R £ ~1 E. ' T Richard !)Ja kel> of Resear h. tltinl [rom left , front row, re eived his "Life· rin1e hampion" c.enifica t.c attd the congratu lations of bis feH w 1-~o 1k er. ')Jwwn alo11•'>' with dr . Blakelv i a F art of th · roup tha i attended the ce:reroo11V • 0 Lober 31. ability to get su ch distance with hi spavined ho ,e i incr edible. T he J apanese teams are mopping them l ike a bartender giving the li noleum a fast rubdown betwe n the rush hours. • "I Like The Horses . .. " When Orville Tabor look at a Cadillac his e 'C light up. lf h e gates lo ng enough his jaw will begin to unc]inch to tb.e extent that a a-ood trong tug- can pull that p erpetua l pipe from his teeth. H e wi ll deii ,·er himself of some thing like th i : ··sam people like tlJc bod y lines, some th e wh eel base, etc., but llike the hor e under the hood ." * * * * C ha rlie Briggs grevv a mu~tache that "'·a · out of thi wor.ld, and almo ·t to k him. o u t. lt looked like f niliz . 1 h a ckles on a dog' back - so tllick that h e conlcln't brea the th ro ugh th ' rna t. and had to have it f( tO keep frum kilLing an in nocelll man . Hi:, o nly regTet is that 11 couldn't ta wi th it ]ong enou g:b to make brother Bob jea lo us of the bri ·rl e. _joe Schu.lz is a wighty busy man nowada - helping to tra in a crew t u perat . a svecial coat ing- proc s.~. \Vhcn th a t i ~ ~;;l o n · J oe ex pects w la , dnwn his Gdcfle and h i bow. \Nell. with 4-1 ' ·a r:;' ex1 crie nc .Joe c 1n ttJ'cl do tb job - and he .erta.inl y d :;erve th 1 r ivi lege of st ' pp iug o tt t of ha rne ·. Freedom Has A Happy Sound \Yltcn d is i ·~ u (: is av~li] ab l , a nn tlu:r national pol iticJl ·. mpaign will b history. Grea t men " ill b · •I · ted, •-rc•a r men \ ill be d •[eated. A ll a 111 bitious Am 1 icao · ar gre:H - b ~ a use n "Ji t tl · m n" ilo t).]1 ·rei may be gm d , he tnay b , ba <:' pta11t r .-\~\.:. th' Ru. ~ t an p ' ple. But FR 'Eno, I! Tl1at\ til ke · word th<.tt . at or c.xalt~ men -;oul·. T hat i · tlte yjy,j 11. the dream., tb h o1 . rh rea1it Lo which ca .h American is e ntitled . _ nd wet , 1 a ~ . lomon, capabl or ad vi -i.tw (which .rm .I o t), I w ull say: "Pr erve fr cdom, and all bl s mgs v.i 11 b added 11 n to y >U .' · And h.(1W w uld I do it ~ B ' th simple pro ess of keel ing what '"'e h~ve. J·Jow wou lcl J kc~p _wh, t we l1av By encouragmg th >·ro'\. th IH of halE the pee ple .in t.he world, but ·ornctimes my xt~berance make, m ·want to . nnrl on Pike's Peak, 1 cat m h sL like a gorilla, and yell to a.ll tl1e world: 'Tm a bio· man .. . I'm fre ... I'm an Am rican!" And with Chri ' tina coming•; on l ' rn offering as m ' • pra iCr for thi · y ar: "0. Lord, 1 t each of Thy creatwn find j u t a little more freedom in his o k thi year. '""" men. " THEIR FfFTJETH WEDDING AN, IVER AR Y was celebrated re•.entJ . by Lil Campbell's motber and father. Mr. and 'Mrs. .'a l)Uel P . Campbell, founh and fifth from t.he left in tlie front JOI ', sit proudl y, surrou nded b • ll of their 12 ch ildr~1. Lil., who 1\0rks in CM Smting at the Ohio Divi ion , is tanding in the second rO\\ at the far right. THF. STORY [, ~11 rn in th and ROJI Wells pion '.s .r htll') F . l. CC ·, FU . Jll , ' llJ ( , lP to ~ l i.chigan picUn<~S above. '\ill IJo,,· and arrow, Hill Hill tltL .. ll IJa_gg d a d . r. Hot!J a .,. tnClllb -r~ r.){ Chunt· Jub. lli!J !Jagg ·d hi. d .. r aL 20 r ~Ul.lldin r, Oltio THIS J ' ALT - . i -morlll l·old SIJ ila n t l1> W th:.rl a m, t(hf'd ~ t o l wcddin ~· t ing would ltl\ 111 Cbrisuua'> l)av; allCl a _ tH w '>fli t fw lh . i 11 rmth·old ' g rand -.on ol ( nr' n , I tiJJr I II , wou ld I li11c and d .u d . i1 - - F • •• -- , . • \V I>LOl 'V B RO .\1 . PITE ;, t-he pre-ent '\fr .. I lme1 \Vcave1 · txp cl in~ Elmer to get h l or __,hri tma . dairn Joh ' hrmlt. JohlL inl rvi wccl th · wi1 ·s of m mb ·r of the Con rructioJJ r w o find out l\'h:tt each one IA'ant~ lor Chri~tm;r t ·e · t, S<.~ nt a 'l au'> . paulding, G or. , -.:\lcm1 W<~JulO nnt h i i ·, Jim? E ll ·worth . r nold. vou or p i, n )' of nl m , , - tannin'. ; ~ ' J : lli n ' c rs. , n