Crocheted Donkey from 1980s

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Crocheted Donkey from 1980s


Thompson, Suzann




about 8 inches tall


Sometime during the 1980s, my husband Alan and I were visiting friends in San Antonio, Texas. We went to a grocery store, and there among the vegetables were ceramic donkeys pulling carts. They were planters. They were very cute and not too expensive, so I bought one. After that, I would see other donkey figurines and some were so artistic! I would buy donkeys that were different or prettier than what I already had. Knowing my fondness for donkey figurines, my daughter Suzann crocheted this little donkey for me, probably for my birthday or Mother's Day, sometime in the 1980s. She used gray boucle yarn for the body and a smooth black yarn for the hooves, mane, tail, and features. The bows on the tail and neck are mohair-blend yarn. She still has the pattern. It is "Little Gray Donkey," by Bev Dillon, in Crocheted Critters, Leisure Arts Leaflet 109, dated 1977. I appreciated the little crocheted donkey and it is still around after all those years. I put it in the guest room where my grandson sleeps when my eldest son's family comes to visit.


Anna Wirth Thompson


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